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On behalf of Land Rover, Dunsfold DLR helped to prepare the vehicles and provided the mechanic on the Land Rover Safaries program. This was a 5 day trip taking in the Atlas mountains and top of the desert in Morocco.

These futuristic armoured taxi's were built for the Sylvester Stallone film Judge Dredd, built using the Land Rover 101 with a specially moulded fibreglass body.
The 80" plus 3 foot! ex Bertram Mills circus car that Kam the Elephant use to ride in is now underway in the workshop. More photos to follow.

A Wolf R+ Wimik prototype nearly finished rebuilt from a blown up wreck.
A Ser 111 rebuild from the ground up for an overseas customer.

A Pre production V8 110 Hi Cap SAS trials vehicle being rebuilt at the moment. Work in progress so if you have a full lenth hood for this please let me know!.
"WPO" A 1957 88" Prepared in our workhops on behalf of Land Rover Jaguar for a major trip. As it turned out it only went as far as Milan but was driven by many journalist covering around 5000 miles. The Original plan was to drive to China with the millionth discovery, a trip it would have taken in its stride.
The vehicle is now in the Heritage fleet at Solihull. Photos are copyright.

Not one but two Tickfords to undergo full rebuilds.
A Wolf that had a little accident in Cypress!. Now fully rebuilt to original specfication.

This was a hard hit right on the main rail.
A Suffix A that had a re-furb for Land Rover.

A Fully restored Ser 111 with minor upgrades.
A90 SV gets a full makeover in the Dunsfold Workshops.

A Full restoration carried out in 2019